Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tuesday geekyness

As anyone who knows me in real life or who has been reading here for a while, I love Doctor Who. I started watching it when I was only about 4 and Tom Baker was the Doctor. So when I found out last year that a Doctor Who exhibition was coming to Glasgow, I knew that I had to get there. Its being held in the big local museum, Kelvingrove, which is a gorgeous building with lots of different exhibits. My favourites are a Salvador Dali painting Christ of St. John of the cross and Rennie Mackintosh/Glasgow style galleries.

I had a great day and took quite a few pictures which I've embedded a slide show of below. I've also included a picture of the random old police box that sits on one of Glasgow's busiest streets and always cheers me up a little when I see it.


Flavaknits said...

Wow what a super slideshow! We had fun at the Dr Who exhibition too , except I was rushed round by my 4 year old! lol


Kathleen said...

Even your slide-show had me hiding behind the sofa! Some of those baddies look really gruesome. x K

Leslie said...

I'm so envious! Thank you for sharing. Your pictures are wonderful! I can't wait until the broadcast the final 4 episodes in the U.S. If the gift shop had a David Tennant I could take home all would be perfect! ;-)

Gina said...

Great pics Paula!! I wish I could see it. Kelvingrove looks fantastic as well - whata gorgeous building. I like the photo of the University too - it is a fabulous building, although I will never forget the rat running over my foot on my last visit!

Aknita said...

What wonderful photographs :-)

My first doctor was THE first doctor, William Harnell.

Curiously I used to be terrified of the cybermen, I find them far less menacing these days.

lavenderjack said...

I've just come home from Glasgow but wasn't able to go to the exhibition so enjoyed your photos. I did find a police box in Cathedral Square though! No David Tennant in it, sadly :(