Wednesday, February 03, 2010

January progress and finishes

Since the start of the year, I've been keeping busy with knitting projects. As I mentioned in my last post, I'm working towards a reduction in stash size this year. I'm going to track it in metres of yarn used which will hopefully help me keep track and add it in as I finish projects.

In January, I finished a couple of knitting projects

Cranford mitts for a former colleague

Cranford mitts

Snapdragon Tam for me

Snapdragon tam pic3

A Shawl in Old Maiden Aunt Merino Cashmere nylon 4ply in the colour Dreich

Glasgow sky shawl

And finally a case for my Ipod touch to use the yarn left over from my hat

Ipod touch case

All in all, that meant I used 595 metres of yarn. The only yarn that has arrived in my house this month is my first Knit love club parcel which contained Alchemy Juniper sock yarn. 424 metres of lovely soft golden orangey yarn. So I end up the first month with 169 less metres of yarn. Fairly good for the first month, I think. Hopefully I can keep this up during the year.

All these knitted things have come in handy recently as the weather hasn't been the best this winter. The long cold snap in December has been followed by yet more cold weather in January and its has been snowing today again. I am so ready for Spring now.


KarenV said...

Paula, everything looks wonderful! I like your idea of tracking everything in metres - good luck with your stash reduction.

Glenda said...

Yeah for finishes! That shawl is gorgeous! It almost makes me want to take up knitting again.

And I don't remember if I posted earlier but congrats on the new job. No more nights is a guarenteed stress-reducer.

Karoline said...

They all look great, congratulations

Lucy said...

I love the Cranford mitts!!! The colors are beautiful together.

MrsL said...

Who ever would have thought of a wool colour called "dreich" :) Not many folk down here in Dorset understand it, but I still use the word a lot. Nice knits.



MysteryKnitter said...

Awesome work again! I am happy you do not need to spend your nights at work anymore. Now you get your rest.