Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Holiday mode

I'm in holiday mode this week as I'm off on holiday. One of the advantages of working for the NHS is that the holidays are good so with all my public holidays added on to my annual leave, I have 8 weeks in total. With the nights getting lighter here too, it feels like summer is here except for the fact that we had a gale and rain all day today.
I have no particular plans this week apart from a GTG at Karolines this weekend in honour of Belinda visiting the UK. I'm really looking forward to it. Other than that, I'm trying to get some finishing done. My to be finishing pile is, as I have mentioned, is getting huge.
So here is the first result of this - Trick or treat box by Just Nan.

The finishing instructions were good but it was a very fiddly finish. I'm not 100% happy with some of the seams but I've got them as good as I can get them so it will have to do.

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