Sunday, June 11, 2006

Some answers...

2 posts in two days. I think the hot weather is affecting my brain. I got to work this morning to find the heating on.. Thankfully after a quick call to the works department, it got switched off. I can't imagine why it would be on. It was 28 degrees yesterday.

I got a few questions in the comments for my last post so I thought I should answer them.

First off, to the other Paula. The Taj Mahal design is by Chatelaine designs and you can buy the chart and materials at I'm a big Chatelaine design fan and European cross stitch has so many lovely designs. I accept no resonsibility for any additions to your stash that the link will cause.

Secondly for Debbie in San Diego, there used to a company called Gamrie Classic who did a kilted wedding sampler design but they went out of business last year to retire. I have found a Gordon tartan design at I hope that helps.

And finally Jenna, Spooky night is a flat fold. Its my second attempt at making something into a flat fold and I find it reasonably easy to do. Its also cheaper and easier to store than loads of framed stuff. I only have so much room. The Purple box is actually a box canvas which I decorated with some oil pastels. I couldn't think how to display this needlepoint piece so I had a little play with some pastels and the canvas.

Anyway its nearly time for bed here. I've got a busy day at work tomorrow. I hope that helps.

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