Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Catching up and exchanges galore

Since I got back, I've been feeling a little overwhelmed with everything. I think going away was so much fun with great people that when I got back, everyday life seems so mundane. Combined that with root canal treatment last week and going back to work this week to find I had to deal with lots of bad decisions by a new manager which are going to make my job much harder. I've decided that I'm not going to let the job thing bother me too much and I am going to look even harder for a new job.

On to better and much more fun stuff. I take part in quite a few exchanges on the SBEBB which I enjoy doing as I find it gets me to stitch a bigger variety of things plus I get lovely stitched stuff in return.

I got my Halloween exchange from Svenja not long after I got back

I sent to Sylvie, who coincidentally I sent to last year also.

I also took part in the Autumn Quaker exchange and sent to Barbara who received it today, which is good going considering I only posted it on Saturday to The Netherlands.

This morning I received a package from Aniza containing a lovely quaker pinkeep which has a magnet on the back to keep needles on. Its very pretty and stitched over one.

It was a doubly good mail day as I got a lovely package from Nicki this morning contained my Neeedlework smalls exchange. You are right about purple Nicki, Its much more my colour.

I sent to Karoline who received today and incidentally, it was posted at the same time as the Quaker one and only went a fraction of the distance. Typical Royal Mail.

Other than exchanges, I've been doing quite a bit of stitching since I got back and I've also framed a piece that I got the frame for a while ago. I don't think I'll push my luck with blogger's photo uploader today so watch this space for more finished stitching to follow.

I've alos been thinking about changing my blog's appearance as I'm a little fed up with the way it looks just now. I've been having a look around at some templates, I just need to decide which one.

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