Thursday, October 19, 2006

Some finished things

Firstly, thank you to everyone for your lovely comments about the exchanges. I had a lot of fun stitching the designs and trying out new things. And I got such lovely stitched things from my fellow stitchers. Receiving the packages really brighten my day.

I've finished two projects from the retreat so far. A felt bag designed by Blackbird designs and a little Halloween SB necklace that was the welcome project.

When I got back from Utah, I wasn't really feeling like going anywhere due to jet lag so I decided to try and do some stitching. First up two Essy's friends designs by Indigo Rose and Glory Bee. I'm really behind stitching these so I thought I'd better get going with them. I've also finished this month's, which is a ladybird fob but I can't find the picture of that one just now.

And lastly a framed piece - Legends of the Spellcasters. I ordered a frame for this and its been around at home for a few months so I'd thought that was a bit of pity. So I spent about an hour stretching it and framing it up. I'm pleased with how it looks.

I have a few big things waiting for framing - Titania, Taj Mahal garden, Queen Bee sampler, St Peters fair to name 4 of them. The friend of my dad that has done framing for me in the past has been away a lot this year - every time I ask about framing something, he seems to be away or just about to go away. I'm going to go and have a chat with another branch of the framer that Tina (of An Italian Scot's stitching journal) uses as the Glasgow branch isn't that far away so I think Titania might get framed by them.

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