Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Knitty and other stuff

First off, thank you all for your lovely commments, they are very much appreciated. Autumn has hit here this past week and its getting cold so the knitting has been getting some attention.

I've finished two things this week so far. Firstly I've finished a new pair of socks. I finished the first one a while ago and now the second one is done. I've now got six pairs and they are so warm and cosy. I also finished a clapotis scarf which is knitted in the Orkney angora I bought a few months ago. Its a little shorter than I would like but it will look okay tucked into a winter coat. I just need to buy a new winter coat now.

I have quite a few knitting WIPs. When I began knitting, I said that I would not end up with my knitting going the same way as my stitching. Cue ironic laughing as I currently have 2 bags and about 8 pairs of socks at various stages of progress plus a few other things. I've definately got chronic startitis with my stitching and knitting.

I've got two more work days left this week and then I'm off until the 3rd. I requested not to work this weekend as the local stitching show is on this weekend and I'm planning to visit on Saturday. I don't really have any particular things I want to get and I'm not planning on spending a lot of money but its just lovely to and see things in person. Its certainly going to be more fun than last weekend which I spent working,

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