Friday, October 06, 2006

Retreat part 2

On Wednesday afternoon, Adana, Joanna and I arrived at the Canyons Grand Summit in Park city where the retreat took place. We had pooled for a 2 room suite with parlour which was surprising cheap as far as my experience goes. It also had the advantage of a kitchen, which was great for breakfast.
I shared one of the bedrooms with Susan who didn't arrive till later.

After a few teething problems with the keycards - we could only get into one of the rooms as the keycards wouldn't work in the other doors. We had problems on and off all end with the keycards. I'm not very good with them generally and tend to kill them every time I use them.

We did a grocery run and then Adana and I waited up for Susan to arrive just before midnight.

Susan gave each of us a little gift of a scissor fob plus I got some chocolate and a magnet of Chicago. The fob is gorgeous. I also got a gift of a halloween stitching pouch and a variety of fabrics from Adana which was lovely too.

Thursday morning, the retreat shop opened. Most people arrived at the conference room it was in before the shop opened. I guess the talking was pretty loud as hotel security came along and asked everyone to be quiet LOL. The shop was pretty amazing - full of things from each designer plus a retreat fob from Shepherds bush. It was pretty full with lots of shopping going on.

Whilst we were there, I met Georgie - pictured here with Susan and I

After a short lunch break, when I had some lovely Salmon tacos in Loco lizard, It was back to the hotel for registration and the welcome project which was a tin pin necklace. There were 7 designs to chose from. There's only 5 in my picture because some of the designers were wearing theirs

The designers then took it in turns to reveal their projects. I had chosen the Shepherds bush/Amy Mitten/R&R reproductions track. The only point I doubted my choice was when I saw the Merry Cox piece which was beautiful.

After another short break, we then had our evening class which was called Scared stitches and was a little bag with a design by Shepherds bush, a charm by Charland, fabric by R&R and finishing instructions by Merry Cox. Each teacher came into explain their section. I forgot to take pictures of the finished piece but I will stitch it soon so watch out for pictures.

Friday morning brought our first full class. For my half of the track, that meant Shepherds bush so I got to spend nearly 3 hours with Tina. Teri came in at the start to kid Tina on about how late it was before the piece was ready then she went off to take pictures and look after the retreat shop. The Shepherds bush piece is called Happy Haunting and its so cute. I got a good start on it in class and I've been stitching away on it since I came home. I think I'm about 1/3 of the way done.

After class, we had some free time until the Blackbird class in the evening so we went off for a wander down main street in Park city. The weather was gorgeous and sunny. I had to hid behind sunglasses as my eyes are pretty light sensitive (which is also why you may see a lot of pictures of me with my eyes closed lol). I was delighted to find a keyring with my name on it as I never find personalised name stuff for me over here. Of course then everywhere we looked, I found a ton of stuff with my name on it.

Friday evening, it was off to another class with Alma and Barb from Blackbird designs. The class was to applique a felt design on to a black purse. Some of trhe other retreater weren't overly pleased intially as they had a similar project last time but I thought it was fun. We had a great table with Berangere, Cindy from Illinois and Cindy from Texas amongst others. Joanna and Cindy from Texas worked away at their purses.

Joanna and I both finished ours before the end of the retreat and wore them to the Banquet on the last night.

Tomorrow Part 3 with the rest of the classes, the banquet and the stash report.

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