Thursday, October 05, 2006

Utah trip part one.

I think I am starting to get over the jet lag. My sleep pattern is still all over the place but thats not that different from normal.

I've been struggling to start the trip entries as there is so much to tell, it was hard to know where to begin.

I began my journey at Glasgow airport. Security was tight but they had plenty staff on duty. The flight to Chicago was pretty uneventful. The security at O'Hare was pretty slow though; it took me longer to get through the security checkpoint to get into the domestic terminal than it did to clear Immigration and Customs combined. I did confuse the Immigration officer - I don't think he quite understood why some one would come to the USA for a needlework event.

I found Adana quite easily in the terminal and we had lunch in the airport, which was great for me as American airlines has the worst food ever. The waiter got a little confused when settling the check as he tried to give me more in change than I gave him for the meal.

After a short flight, we arrived in Salt lake city. My luggage arrived safely but unfortunately Adana's didn't. It finally turned up the following afternoon. We spent the first night in a hotel near the airport and set out next morning to drive to Ogden.

We got to Ogden and made a short trip to Walmart prior to anything else. I took the opportunity to stock up on DMC - I think the checkout lady was cursing me as she scanned in nearly 100 skeins. After Walmart, it was on to Shepherds bush.

Adana tells me the shop is small. Obviously I haven't been in enough shops as it was the biggest and best stocked shop I had been in. I took a ton of pictures - I loved the Shepherds bush stocking display.

After a little bit of stash enhacement, I went back to the hotel for a bit and then returned for Shepherds night birthday party. I mer a ton of people who I don't seem to have pictures of - I did have my picture taken with a few people, just not with my camera.
I met Berangere at the back of the shop.

I also met Cindy (didimr2), CathyUT, Lancy and her sister and many others. After some lovely cake and, more stash enhancement and a gift from the shop which included a lovely sheep pin, Berangere, Cindy, CathyUT, the other Cathy, Adana and myself went to Roosters for dinner. There was lovely food and interesting chat. One of the waiters heard more of our conversation than I think he wanted to and he seemed a little shocked LOL. It was lovely to meet everyone. Berangere is so much fun and she brought lovely Belgian chocolate for us to eat. It was great to meet Cindy as I had been her exchange partner in a recent exchange on the Rotation BB.

Wednesday we made another run to Walmart first thing. I had to buy a back pack as I reach the realisation that I was never going to fit all the stuff I was going to buy in my hand luggage and there was no way I was putting any stitching stuff in my checked luggage after Adana's experience. After more stops at Joanns for more DMC and a few other bits, it was back to the shop for the retreat open house.

The shop was decorated for Halloween and there were a few new releases too. Near the front of the store, there was a table full of Halloween stuff

I bought a few of the new things including a lovely Halloween ABC shop exclusive. We got a lovely pumpkin pin with our purchases.

Tina was behind the counter and Charland (of Charland designs) was helping out. Everyone working in the shop was so busy but took the time to help when neeeded. Tina and Teri are so welcoming and friendly.

We also met quite a few people including one of our room mates, Joanna who flew in Wednesday morning. After visiting the shop, we went off to Jill Rensel's framing studio. What a great place. She had laid on a lovely food spread and gave gifts too. She had lots of little frames that she was giving one of to each visitor and magnets and bookmarks.

Next time, I'm going to send something ahead to be framed. This time I had to make do with drooling over the mats and frames.

After Jill's, it was off for more shopping, We visited Needlepoint joint. I was hoping to buy some Lorna's laces yarn but their selection was very small and not very interesting. I did buy two skeins of Koigu: I couldn't leave without buying something. We then had lunch, did a little shopping and headed off for Park city.

Tomorrow, details of the retreat itself.

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