Saturday, September 04, 2004

August stitching report and September plans

San man frosty
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Crystal snowflake
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These are my last two finished projects for August. I didn't manage to get as much stitching done as I'd hoped. Work and home stuff seemed to suck up all my time.

In August I had planned to
1. Stitch part 8 of Christmas mystery - I did this and even finished part 9
2. Stitch Mini mystery F part 2 - done
3. Stitch Mystery 7 part 2 - not even a stitch done of it
4. Finish one of my smaller WIPs - done (Country companions Christmas sweater
5. Stitch 2 christmas ornaments - done
6. Sort out stash - nope

So I did not too badly 4 out of 6. Considering how busy the month seemed to be, I'm amazed.

For September the plan is
1. Finish Jungle babies sampler
2. Finish Just Nan Barnabee's quest
3. Finish Emerald mermaid
4. Stitch some ornaments for the TWBB COE
5. Stitch parts 2 & 3 of Mystery 7
6. Start Mirabilia Royal Holiday

We shall see how that goes....

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