Monday, September 13, 2004

Still on holiday

My two weeks off seems to be eternal. Because of the way my shift rota works out, the two weeks I have taken off actually ends up being three weeks. I go back to work on Thursday night although I am going into work for a while tomorrow for a leaving tea. One of the night shift nursing auxillaries is retiring after more than 20 years working for the NHS. I'm really going to miss her as she and I seem to be on the same wavelength about a lot of things. I have to go tomorrow and buy the leaving present which will be a gold watch I think and some flowers too. Plus I promised to get a cake.
On Wednesday, I'm going to a local nursing careers fair. I'm not really that happy with my job at the moment. The management seem to be utterly disinterested in the staff and I don't see it getting better. Plus there is the fact that I don't want to stay a ward nurse forever and the time seems right just now.
Stitching wise I have been stitching away on Emerald mermaid and a Country companions Christmas design.

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