Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Life, the universe and everything

A mostly good week so far. The best bit being Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy being on the radio again. I have been waiting for this for so long. I really enjoy all of Douglas Adams's work and Hitchhiker's guide is my favourite. Just the theme tune sets me off. I think I may start reading it again. I also saw some pictures of the movie in a magazine this week and Martin Freeman really looked the part. I think he can pull it off. Now if they would just get the Red dwarf movie filmed, life would be sorted.
The second best thing that happened this week is that my kit for Mini mystery G arrived along with the beads for Taj Mahal. I finished Mini F last week and I can't wait for G. The materials are gorgeous. I'm trying to decide which Chatelaines I want to do next year. I like the look of Mystery 8 but I'm put off by the big size of it. I also fancy doing Celtic quilt and Christmas mystery 2. I'm going to make a final decision once I have been to the Chatelaine workshop in October.
The third best thing was having a $40 silkweavers gift certificate to spend from my lovely secret stitcher Kathy (aka Amber moon fairy). She really spoiled me all through the exchange. I ended up getting a load of small cuts plus a piece of seaside sparkle opalescent linen.
Sadly my stitching bits and bobs order seems to have gone wandering. Hopefully it will turn up eventually.
Back to work tomorrow.

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